Crew Juniors Affiliates

Crew Juniors Affiliates
Per the MLS Youth Initiative, the Crew’s Home Territory is the State of Ohio. Crew Juniors will strive to form comprehensive partnerships with top clubs throughout Ohio to enhance the opportunity and exposure for youth players.


  • Membership in one of the most innovative and comprehensive player development systems in the country.
  • Outstanding instruction, exposure, opportunity and experience - every player in the organization will benefit from Crew coaching connections at every level throughout the United States.
  • Connection to Crew senior players and coaches - role models and success stories.
  • Access to world class facilities - Crew Stadium, Obetz Training facility, and the new Crew training complex.
  • A consistent philosophy and age appropriate curriculum throughout the network.
  • A commitment to continuing education for all Crew Juniors coaches - annual workshops, seminars, & speakers.
  • Significant value passed on to Crew Juniors families with Crew Juniors adidas gear.
  • Opportunity to advance to Crew Soccer Academy teams.




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